latest news

v3.2 bug-fixed, Public-Release

- DCT4 RPL server host changed, to fix timeout in some country
- Improved, DCT4PLUS "on the fly" unlock patch and imei patch
- Added, AMS loader v. to the installer
- minor bug fixes

- Fixed, Active-X initialization to fix rx no respond in some pc

v3.2 FINAL, Public-Release

- Improved Server communication
- Added, Support area access
- Goto Options->Server->Server List (make selection on 'Support') then Goto Support - button will enabled

- Added, Standalone BB5PLUS SL2 No TP Unlocker
- PM Auth checkbox also added for some phones which need SUPERDONGLE to be authorized while writing PM120 and PM308
- Added, DCT4PLUS "on the fly" imei changes
- Improved, DCT4PLUS "on the fly" unlock patch (+new security also supported)
- Improved, PM read and write (if field not checked will be skipped)
- To Open PM, you can now Drag And Drop PM file to listbox
- Fixed, BB5 loaders bug for new phones
- Fixed, image download
- Fixed, BB5 auto set RX2
- Fixed, DCT4PLUS Online Logger bug
- minor bug fixes

- Fixed, PK-83 binary for MXKEY REV 2.0 compability

#Siemens FREE module recompiled for new api & library compability.

v3.1 Beta16a (Patch update)

- Fixed Online logger using "Dongle Id".
Password is automaticaly sent to email address after registration/activation. The email address will be asked when registration process begin, make sure you're entering the correct email address.

v3.1 Beta16, Public-Release

- Removed old card protocol(MXKEY REV 1.X/ROCKEY6), for this release only MXKEY REV 2.X card supported
- minor bug fixes

- Fixed, loader issue
- Added, single phones setting (VPP,RX2, Fast checkbox now saved to config for each phone)
- Added, BB5 No TP Unlocker, Dejan RAP3GV2 unlocker removed.
- Fixed, `highlight market` bug
- minor bug fixes

- Improved, communication. Dead phones full flashing now working without errors

v3.0 Beta15 RC, Public-Release

- help file updated
- minor bug fixes

- DCTL/LINDA fully implemented with Custom erase to fix old 9210i CS problem
- Fixed, Image DL (server communication protocol changed)
- Fixed, BB5 custom certificate backup
- Fixed, New PP files manual upload
- Improved, SUPERDONGLE auth (show the detailed error msg)
- Improved, User code reset for BB5 phones
- minor bug fixes

v3.0 Beta14 RC, December 08 2008, Public-Release

- MXKEY LiTE dongle firmware version 00.14 released(Improvement dongle check, to avoid CARD BLOCKED)
- Please update using SW build beta14 only.

- Added RAP NAND option in manual erase
- Added, CRC check before flashing if declared in definition files(BB5)
- Image DL in background mode improved (CRC check)
- minor bug fixes

v3.0 Beta13 RC, November 26 2008, Public-Release

- Added "skip Restore" patch for DCT4PLUS unlock
- minor bug fixes

- Fixed, registration popup
- Added, PK-83 Dongle emulation (you need to install CCS3 Tool first before it works)

v3.0 Beta12 RC, November 13 2008, Public-Release

- Fixed, dongle registration popup

- DCT3 fully implemented
- Fixed, BB5 flash for new phones
- some improvement and minor bug fixes

- Fixed, 6066/88 flash

v3.0 Beta11 RC2, June 27 2008, Public-Release

- Improved, dongle communication routine
- Fixed, Self Update

- MTBOX DCT4 flash supported.
- Improved, DCT4&BB5 Online Logger
- Improved, RX2 auto enabled
- Added, Simple hint "detailed" BB selftests
- Fixed, PP extract for DP2.0 phones
- Added, DCT4PLUS UEM imei read

- Added, Forced RX queue for better handle of dead phone flashing
- Fixed, Emergency mode Image DL enabled

Added Latest mxLogger client(v1.4a) in setup

v3.0 beta10 RC2 released, June 09 2008 (module patch update)

- NK library version

-Fixed, BB5 Online Logger
-Fixed, BB5 RAP NAND (with RX2 enabled) flashing
-Added, Full BB5 RPL backup for new phone (SIMLOCK+SIMLOCK_KEY,WMDRM_PD)
-Added, BB5 user code reset(blocked counter) and status, will not lose user data.
-Improved DCT4 Asic 11 Online Logger (Imei challenge issue)
-Added, auto create folder option on configuration window
-Fixed, DP2.0 folder listing

Use "Check for update" but u need to tick "Check modules update automatically" on Options-> General Settings (beta10 required to be installed first !).

v3.0 Beta10 RC, June 08 2008, Public-Release

- Added, Support forum and homepage menu (News)

- Added, Image DL button (direct image download from support based on product code, currently for BB5 products only !)
- Implemented, RX2 loader support (UFS FW v28 only !!!).
- Implemented, Show detailed options in configuration window
- Added, Auto select Gen when "Scan" product in configuration window
- Added, Auto set RX2 for BB5 in configuration window
- Added, market highlight for easy market choice in configuration window
- Added, Auto set RX2 for BB5 in configuration window
- Added, BB5 CNT page size detection for auto CNT conversion
- Added, Skip if not empty option
- Added, Manual PP write file
- Added, BB5 MMC and SD card content flashing
- Added, BB5 verify NPC option on write RPL
- Added, BB5 skip specific section on write RPL
- Added, BB5 skip (certificate) erase option on write RPL
- Added, BB5 Reset NPC
- Added, BB5 online logger client (instant !!!)
- Added, BB5 RPL write on RX2 enabled phones
- Fixed, DCT4 MM flash handling
- Added, DCT4 imei OTP/UEM read via FBUS for non CUI phones.
- Added, Latest DCT4PLUS ASIC11 sp unlock patch method(Patch on the fly)
- Added, DCT4PLUS ASIC11 online logger client
- Added, extended GSM/WCDMA band type set
- Improved, BB5 (RAP/CMT) NAND flash handling
- Improved, Flash chip info. device page size and type now displayed.
- Improved, DCT4PLUS ASIC11 ask read + manual IMEI/ESN input when UEM damaged
- Changed, 'Browse' to Directory setting in configuration window

- Improved, QCOM protocol for faster flashing
- Improved, Dead phone flashing handle
- Added, Phone code read for 6088,7088 phone
- Added, Image DL button (direct image download from support)
- Fixed, User area backup/restore

v3.0 Beta9 RC1, April 14 2008, Public-Release

- Improved, Check for updates (more control to updates)
- Implemented, Online News(add RSS feeds and forum news)
- Implemented, Options to enabled/disabled specific module

- MTBOX Partially supported(FBUS function)
- Improved, DCT4 boot
- Improved, Auto phone detection (always "Scan phone" or "Bus check" before any operation!)
- Improved, CDMA phones compatibility
- Improved, Keyboard test map (now possible to test all keys including communicator series)
- Added, Various tests (Camera,IR,MMC,SIM,USB)
- Added, Band & System mode control
- Added, CDMA NVD (Pri) management (under Phone Settings tab)
- Added, CDMA CS product type read
- Added, RF/BB PM backup/restore
- Added, BB5 CNT 128 K conversion
- Added, COMBOFLASH detection
- Fixed, DCT4 write RPL (add DATA1/2 only options)
- Fixed, BB5 Custom erase
- Fixed, DCT4 APE flash(better error handler)
- Improved, DCT4 SP unlock routine
- Improved, CDMA tuning (SET,CAL and PANEL data are now readed and written correctly)
- Redesigned, PMM, Phone Settings, CDMA tune & Quick Fix page(under services tab)
- Reconstructed, BB5 'Dejan K' unlocker
- Introduced, DCT4 read flash works for Asic type 2 phones only (check 'Phoenix format' for writable output) - just for test !
- Introduced, DCT4 Non Volatile Data(NVD) management (in development, not finished yet)

- Added, ARMPRG/Bootloader manual select to handle 'dead' phones
- Improved, Phone explorer routine and ui

v3.0 Beta8, February 12 2008, Public-Release

- Fixed, "Check For Updates" bug
- Fixed, UFS baud problem (DCT4 erase issue?)

- Fixed, DCT4PLUS non patch unlock (1600,1110i)
- Added, Automatically save RPL backup on "Bus Check" for DCT4
- Fixed, DCT4 Erase ! (hopefully fixes this common issue, tested on 3 different PCs Intel/AMD based)

- Fixed, Incorrect registration pop-up

v3.0 Beta7, February 07 2008, Public-Release.

- Added, "Dont Show This Again" checkbox of UFS FW update confirmation dialog
- Improved, Check For update routine will allow to update module separately on future updates

- Added, New Module CCS "Foxconn PST" (NK CDMA ODM/QUALCOMM)

* Flashing using HEX/ CBB (Bundle Files)
* Normal Flashing or Emergency Mode (*+5+POWER) supported
* Flashing Emulation
* Security Code Read/Write
* SPC read/write
* LCD contrast Read/Write
* Reset File System (PRI)
* Userdata Backup/Restore
* EFS File Explorer
* And soon

- Revised, VCOM module

- Added, Patch SIMLOCK flashing option + SKip SW patch on Init Simlock (1650 bug)
- Improved, Flash erase routine
- Added, UEM WD test
- Added, Verify UEM option on DCT4 RPL write

- Fixed, SGOLD baudrate issue

v3.0 Beta6, January 18 2008, Public-Release.

- JAF BOX fully supported.
- Added, Flash Emulation mode (to verify flash files, will not write to the phone)
- Added, Support for BB5 RAPIDO phones (RAP NAND flash handle)
- Added, Easy IMEI restore (Automatically search for backup from '\data\backup\RPL\' folder if available)
- Added, DCT4 Mass Memory device (NAND) flashing support
- Added, UFS FW V 2.8 update dialog if needed (required for RAPIDO phones)
- Added, UFS Driver update dialog if 'NO CONNECTION'
- Fixed, N-GAGE Adsp flashing bug (CRC error=Contact retailer).
- Fixed, DCT4 Online IMEI Logger (ESN issues)
- Fixed, WD2 boot (increasing boot timeout)
- Fixed, User Code changes
- Fixed, BT MCM image upload
- Fixed, Erase whole flash routine
- Fixed, Reset DATA1 (WD2 bug)
- Fixed, TIKU flashing with huge image header stopped
- Fixed, DCT4 UCP 128k conversion (2865 issue)
- Fixed, DCT4 PLUS SpUnlock bug on old models
- Removed, Joker module from installer
- Added, SIEMENS Tool for EGOLD and SGOLD (not tested!) module.
- and other minor.

v3.0 Beta5, December 27 2007, Public-Release.

- New MXKEY LiTE firmware introduced, FW ver: 00.13
- Added, JAF FBUS protocol (Flashing bus not implemented yet)
- Added, Component version info on load.
- Fixed, Erase whole flash bug on multi flash chip phones.
- Fixed, BT flush after firmware update.
- Fixed, BB5RPL decryption fail when write RPL.
- Added, Product code auto selection on "Scan"
- and other minor.

For MXKEY LiTE dongle user, you need to "Update FW" first.
This will also solved activation issue.
Use "Check For Update" button for self update

v3.0 Beta4, December 15 2007, Public-Release.

- re-constructed, DCT4 CNT 64->128k conversion.
- Added, support for new product profile type (BB5,DCT4PLUS).
- re-constructed & improved, DCT4PLUS unlock patch
- RELOCK now possible, also support 1200/1208 all version (click "No" if you asked to restore flash block)
- Fixed, crash (application closed) on VCOM module.
- Improved, FBUS scan (will change phone mode if needed)
- Fixed, PM write function (BB5 RF & BB parameters bug)
- Added, Auto driver update for UFS and Token on setup.
- and other minor.

you could also update using "Check For Update" button from mobileEx.exe

v3.0 Beta3, December 11 2007, Public-Release.

- re-constructed, CDMA Tuning.
- re-constructed, Quick repair page (BT repair, LCD reset, etc).
- improved, Online Updater.
- added, CDMA NFP folder to model selection.
- and other minor.

mobileEx v3.0, December 07 2007, public-beta

- Almost all elements are new, the most important part of this ßeta was that it was finally recoded from scratch.

This brand new exe will supports MXKEY and MXKEY LiTE

What is MXKEY LiTE?
- its new dongle for mobileEx, SmartCard based.

What about future support about MXKEY?
- We released MXKEY LiTE for costumer satisfaction.
- MXKEY LiTE will be cheaper, and thats why we call it "Lite".

MXKEY will be fully supported as MXKEY LiTE, note that there was no differences between MXKEY and the LiTE version.

mobileEx v2.3.0, August 31 2007

- Added, DATA1 backup confirmation before FLASH erase
- Improved, BB5 certificate backup (certificate size displayed, will exit if certificate is corrupted !)
- Improved, PMM auth routines (will exit if IMEI or SIMLOCK is bad!)
- Improved, Master code read (remember: we're the first and the only one solution at the moment)
- Improved, SL_INFO read (sometimes readed corrupted data at long size on CDMA phones)
- Improved, EEP address allocation on 'GetAddr'
- Improved, 'Get details' on selftest
- Fixed, BT MCM auth bug
- Fixed, PMM read bug (readed 0 bytes value)
- Fixed, server password missing char

mobileEx v2.2.2 build 778, August 20 2007, fresh installer released

- Fixed, all RAP3Gv3 BB5 boot (hopefully )
- Improved, BB5 USB flashing ('new' APE phones)
- Improved, BB5 certificate tool
- backup 'ALL section' will read NPC,VARIANT,CCC,HWC RAP and APE.
- write RPL function now able to write ALL section from backup or NMP.
- Improved, SL INFO read
- Added, HW & Part info during 'Phone Info'
- Added, Master Code read during 'BUS check'
- The master code readed from phone could be used to unlock security code for attached phone even counter was already blocked, including 'new' TIKU CDMA phones
- Added, Mass Memory Storage Device flash handle (6265,6230i, etc)
- Changed, Format File System routine(tab maintenance->tabset FS).
- Fixed, DCT4 ADSP flashing(NGAGE)
- Fixed, DCT4 APE flashing
- Fixed, some minor bugs and added new bugs(maybe)

mobileEx v2.2.1, July 11 2007

- Added, DCT4 IMEI logger client to support mx server
- Improved, BB5 USB flashing
- Improved, "PhoneSafe" function for BB5
- Added, read BB5 RAP FLASH IMEI when BUS check
- and some minor bug fix.

mobileEx v2.2, June 30 2007

- Added, Support Server for BB5 PMM(SX4) Auth
- Fixed, BB5 RAP3Gv3 boot
- Fixed, BB5 USB flashing for BB5 RAP3Gv3.
- Fixed, DCT4 ADL flashing bugs
- Fixed, VCOM changing mode result in 'busy'
- Improved, BB5 RPL write
- PRODUTCODE,HWID and PSN now written. fixed SIMlock upload for BB5 RAP3Gv3.
- Improved, BB5 SIMlock INFO(BB5 RAP3Gv3).
- Improved, 'GetAddr' for BB5 custom erase
- Improved, Phone Detection after restart.
- Changed, COM port detection in device list, Only active ports are displayed
- Improved, Self Update. Will download Only if version on server is newer.
- Fixed, DCT4 RPL logger
- Changed, internal code for WinXP X64 and Vista compatibilities

mobileEx 2.1, May 26 2007

- Added, BB5 USB Flashing.
- Added, Direct BB5 SP unlocker using UFS/JAF/DKU2 USB/COM port
- Improved, BB5 Certificate backup(read) and RPL write
- Added, BB5 PMM (superdongle) auth (currently only working IF SX4 connected to the system, server solution under construction)
- Fixed, DCT4 Watchdog test
- Added, SP Unlock for some CDMA phone to fix 'Phone restricted'
- Fixed, ESN patch not work when invalid ESN entered
- Added, Patch software option for IMEI/ESN changer.
- Some other bugs fixed.

mobileEx 2.0 is out, May 05 2007

- Added, Self update button, software update made simple.
- Added, DCT4 online logger/IMEI fix
- Added, Direct USB connection for FBUS protocol.
- Added, Integrated and online(under construction) help file
- Re-enabled, DCT4 ADSP flashing function
- Added, DCT4 ADL/APE flashing function
- Added, DCT4 CNT128 auto conversion
- Improved FBUS and MBUS connection.
- Improved DCT3 flashing function.
- Improved Multiflashing, flashing continuously is now possible.
- Improved Format and Self test function.
- Fixed, DCT4 relock bugs.
- Fixed, BB5 booting problems on some phones.
- Added, BB5 Certificate (NPC + SIMLOCK) backup
- Added, BB5 custom erase.
- WARNING: Erasing flash could be dangerous for BB5 phones, use with good reason only !!!
- Added, logs while reading PMM
- Added, LED status to determine box state
- Added, Progress on file info while flashing DCT4 phones
- also so many changes that would be fill out this page if written )

mobileEx v1.9 ready, April 19 2007

- Added, BB5 Standalone SW downgrade procedure (credits to Dejan K.)
- Improved, DCT4/BB5 phone change mode.

mobileEx 1.8 released, April 19 2007

- Added, BB5 Flashing support. (With Selectable RAP and APE flash only for best flashing result)
- Added, BB5 Read ASK(GT format) and Write RPL(NMP format)
- Improved, Communication logic to fixes CPU and Mem usage on some PC.
- Improved, Base band Self test to fix BB5 issues.
- Added, DCT4+ Asic 2 and Asic 11 direct unlock.
- Added, DCT4 'new' Asic 2 (1110,1600 new version) unlock.
- Added, LCD contrast reset to fix 1110i LCD issues after unlock.
- Improved, DCT4 Imei patch to fix ESN patch issues.
- Fixed, CS patch only for 7250i or 6610i.
- Fixed, BB5 SIMLock backup & restore.
- Improved, Menu Editor (propuct profile) parser to support new *.ppu.
- Improved, UFSx boot to fix NBOX 'cant boot' issues.
- Added, ASIC_ID check when flashing so you wont kill the phone if you select incorrect file.
- Many minor bugs fixed.

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